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Camp Fire Golden Empire is a California domestic non-profit corporation, Tax ID 94-1201190.


kids canoeing on Lake Vera


Help Camp Gold Hollow make it through the pandemic so it can be there for the next generation!

“Because of camp…

  • I can build a campfire and cook outdoors with confidence.
  • I learned to walk in the dark, outside, without a flashlight, with the light of the moon and stars to guide me. 
  • I met and became friends with people who were different from me.
  • I learned to be comfortable with my authentic, wacky self.
  • I looked forward to every summer when I could see my friends again.
  • I made it through a difficult adolescence.
  • I made lifelong friends who have seen me through ups and downs, tears and laughter, growing and living.
  • I learned more about leading kids than any university course could teach.
  • I learned to lead with kindness.
  • I learned how to backpack, and have been able to travel the world alone, feeling self-sufficient.
  • I know how precious it is to feel the sun and the wind through the pines.
  • A campfire has become the best place to sing a song, tell a story, laugh and cry, or just sit with friends.

I know how nature heals the soul.”


girls sitting together at the campfire


Joining Fire Tenders is a way to demonstrate your continuing support for increasing opportunities for children in Northern California to find their spark! through Camp Fire.

Your prior support of Camp Fire Golden Empire, home of Camp Gold Hollow, was the inspiration for forming Fire Tenders, a philanthropic group of individuals willing to commit to a yearly donation of $100 or more. As an individual, it may be difficult to feel that your contribution can have a very large impact, but as a group, we can make a difference that we may not have thought possible. We invite you to the Fire!

With your first contribution of $100 or more, you will be joining 99 Camp Fire “Fire Tenders” who feel passionately about ensuring that children in Northern California can experience Camp Fire programs that help them prepare for life. Your annual support will ensure that Camp Fire can grow into the future, expanding our out-of-school programs and providing new experiences for youth of all ages. And best of all, we will be able to continue our wonderful Camp Gold Hollow traditions at Lake Vera.

No need to fill out lengthy forms, we'll do that for you from the information on your check or your PayPal payment. Just add the words "Fire Tenders" to the notes for either option.
Imagine yourself as a child living near a noisy freeway, or in a small apartment on a tree-less street, surrounded by hot pavement. Imagine looking up at the sky at night and seeing only tall buildings and street lights. Now imagine yourself transported to a pine forest with friends and laughter all around, breathing fresh mountain air and looking up at the stars at night. Imagine hearing frogs croaking at the edge of the lake, and feeling the wind in your face as you dip a canoe paddle into the smooth water. Your donation to the Campership Fund can transform the life of a child. A week at Camp Gold Hollow costs $595. If a full campership is beyond your means to contribute, team up with a group of friends, or donate a partial campership. Every little bit helps! Camperships are awarded by the Council’s campership committee based on need, an essay from the child, and a letter from the parent or guardian. You can donate via PayPal with the note “Campership Fund” or by mailing a check to the Council with “Campership Fund” written on it. Scroll down to see both options!
Whether you're a carpenter, cook, nurse, or lifeguard, you can help kids stay safe while having fun in the outdoors. Contact us to learn more and volunteer: [email protected].
A donation to the Camp Restoration Fund will be put to good use. The lodge at Camp Gold Hollow has already passed its 90th birthday. Like many of us, as we grow older it is patch, patch, PATCH! We have had wonderful help from a crew of skilled volunteers in recent years, so donations to the Camp Restoration Fund generally go for the purchase of materials. And if you’re handy with a drill and skill saw, broom or paint brush, we’d love to have you join us on a work weekend. Contact Trisha Dixon at [email protected] or 916-501-1839 for more information.
Have some extra garden tools, kayaks, or camping gear in the garage? Check the Gold Hollow Work Weekend page for our Camp Wish List.
For $25 a year, you can become an Adult Member of Camp Fire Golden Empire. Join now and attend the 2024 Annual Meeting via Zoom on Sunday, May 5th at 12:30 p.m. Click here to join the Zoom meeting. We look forward to your thoughts! Download the Adult Membership Form

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Make your check payable to Camp Fire Golden Empire, and indicate the purpose for the donation.

Mail to: Camp Fire Golden Empire • 401 Amador Street • Vallejo, CA 94590

Our Promise

Young people want to shape the world.

Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

In Camp Fire, it begins now.

Light the fire within